What is the right way to prepare yourself for working while traveling?

Do you know this idea of changing your place every week or two and get things done during breaks from traveling? I do. For some time I’ve been hearing about it a lot. I think that a lot of people around me felt in love with this idea, so I decided to try. This is a good piece of advice for everybody who wants to work during travel and be possible to do so.

Worth notice is the fact that I’m working as a graphic designer and front-end developer on a daily basis. This fact defines the tasks which I’m doing and do every time I’m abroad.

Wi-Fi and its presence in the public spaces and cafes

Even if he did turn it on, you should be prepared that in 50% of cases, the speed of it is poor. That’s what makes you a huge fan of McDonald’s and KFC, who you probably haven’t been since those old days of Primary School.

The other quite interesting thing is the lack of space to work.

Google it and look for places with good opinions, but as a person who spent two weeks on looking for some basic place to work in Rome with decent public transportation possibilities, I have to say that it could be tougher than you think. Finally, I found one place but it was too far from my place and I, fortunately, was able to do things at my friends place.

Okay, so what to do about it?

If you work as a front-end developer so you probably use some third-party frameworks and multimedia, at some point you would need the Internet connection. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to make the best out of your time. That’s why the idea of setting up a local server on your laptop and having all the needed part is so important. Simply, you cannot use Bootstrap if you don’t have Wi-Fi and its files on your laptop.

Obviously, there would be some opportunities to download things which are essential for you, so If you didn’t remember to download something, don’t worry you’ll make it.

What if you need some web resources while working?

Always have access

Think about the security of servers on the Internet as well.

Services online — Probably, you should forget about them.

Finally, I totally recommend not to make all of your work during traveling.

Wish you a seamless working abroad experience guys!

Product Designer with a desire to manage a team of UX professionals.

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